Quality Control

Translation Quality Control

We have a massive talent bank of experienced translators, resourceful editors, proficient content managers and proofreaders. Our final product undergoes through a rigorous filtration and rechecks, so that we can give birth to the best quality translation of your data compared to any other service available out in the market.

Our work speaks for itself, the high precision and quality of translation is easily visible.

We have always aimed to exceed the standards set by International Standard Organization (ISO 9001:2000), and we make sure that we always deliver the best cost Translation services in India.

Translation Quality
Our Translators are fully certified and selected through a stringent line-up, who have a strong academic and experience background. Their level of experience allows them to handle any situation at hand, and deliver work far beyond International Quality Standards, which includes specifications mentioned by (ISO 9001:2000) as well. We have Certificate of Attestation which certifies, under a notary seal, which can be presented on request to clarify any doubts in our client’s minds.

Translation Quality Guarantee
Many organizations in the market want a guarantee for accuracy, when they are putting in a lot of investments for the translation services. We stand by the services and product that we provide, so that you do not have any doubts plaguing your mind. Any and all issues that may arise we are always available to handle all problems free of change, for your satisfaction we will ensure your get the desired quality and precision.

Quality Assurance program
We have a 6 step program allows us to give you the peace of mind that you have been searching for in a Translation Company in India.

Step one:
Our services are “made – to – order”, which helps us give you the best personalized service which is according to the projects you wish to run. This helps us deliver the quickest quality service and we help you lower your costs.

Step two:
Stringent standards and work ethics are proof enough that we work to deliver the best product available in the market, which includes a structured sequence of work procedure, quality checks, reviews etc.

Step three:
Relationship management: We give you the team which suits your pace the best. If you had a good experience with certain people, then we allow the growth of long term personal relationship. This helps you reduce the gap in communication and misunderstandings that frequently occur.

Step four:
Equal Effort for Equal work: if you have a big project that has to be done at a specific deadline, we will put equal amount of effort and resources per project. We always work towards finishing deadlines. (Assuming we get few days of head start)

Step five:
Money- Back- quality assurance: We always work towards bring the best quality work to all our clients, so that we have no grievances from the customer’s side. However, we are also aware that there may be cases that a client will not be happy about the results that they may receive through us. Those are the times, where this policy kicks in. We give you the peace of mind that your money goes well spent.

Step six:
Data Security and client confidentiality: This is one of the most crucial factors everyone looks for whenever they hand out their personal data for translation for business partners. We have a very strict system that we make use of to handle you personal data, which passes through few trusted hands only. We have many other policies that help us ensure your data security.