Mum’s the word!

Any official document that passes through our system such as legal contracts, brochures, reports, website content, birth certificates, marriage certificates, or any other material ; you are assured that we perform our work with utmost silence.

Our word of oath

We perform many translation activities every day such as documentation translation, conference interpretation, multimedia presentations, website conversion and other languages related services. It is a part of our day to day practice to maintain utmost privacy of our client's information which flows through our system.

Confidentiality assurance program

To maintain our client's faith in our services we hold monthly checks for our system so that we can find any inconsistencies with our database, translators and programmers. We do not allow our personnel to slack off at any moment, so that we can continue to provide the best services and maintain our client's faith in us.

Dedicated web servers - safe electronic data transfer

We do not use shared web servers, and have our own dedicated web servers so that we can assure our client's that any information that passes through our systems are secure.