Client Testimonials

We were very happy with the speed with which Earth Lingua finished the translation job. Our campaign was rolled out on time across the hindi speaking regions due to this. Keep up the good work!
Adani Enterprises Ltd
Mr. Parmod, Manager

Our Product brochures and user manuals were all in foreign language. We needed to convert them into different Indian languages as our customers are spread across the country. We were very happy get the whole thing on time, but we were happier that the meaning was maintained correctly.
Lava International Ltd
Saurabh Yadav, Head Commercial

Our technical partners were impressed with the Italian interpreters from Earth Lingua. They were surprised that the interpreter could speak and understand Italian and English so well.
Escorts Group
Mr. Mohan, Asst. Manager

We work regularly with Chandan from Earth Lingua Since 2009 for our global requirements in multiple foreign languages. I must admit that there is no delay in delivery and also the quality is very good.
Standard chartered Bank
Aarti Gera, Relationship Manager

It is very important in research documents that the true context and meaning of the findings are maintained when we translate them into other languages. We trust only Earth Lingua when it comes to our Hindi-English translations as they are reliable in timeliness and also maintain the context of the findings even after translations.
Mr. Pawan

As we operate across the country in urban and rural areas, we need to talk in the local languages with those customers. Also, since our campaigns start simultaneously, the translation has to be ready in time and also quality has to be Excellent. We trust only EL for that.
Muthoot Micro Finance
Eale Radhakrishn, Associate Vice President

Besides other foreign languages, majority of our technical documents are in Chinese and Japanese. When we want translate them in English for our staff, we work only with Earth Lingua as they deliver on time and also with excellent accuracy.
Moser Baer
Shilpi Verma Singh, Assistant Manager | Legal

Our network is spread across the country. Also, we have a lot of audio visuals that we use for training and promotions. Here it it important that the translation should convey the meaning effectively in the stipulated time-frame only. We have been working with Kundan from Earth Lingua for quite some time and are very happy with their reliable services.
Mrs. Manjula (V.P INDIA)

The interpreters were excellent! We would like to use them again.
Jindal India Ltd.
Mr. Piyush

It was a very good experience working with Kundan from Earth Lingua. All the best to you and your team. Keep up the good work.
Jindal Petroleum Ltd
Mr. Vipul

EL is definitely recommended when it comes to your translation and interpretation needs. We have experienced this while working on them on more than one occasion.
Mr. Radha

I must say that EL has an excellent set of translators in foreign languages. Our job became very fast and cost effective since we started working with EL.
Mr. Nitin

We only trust Earth Lingua when it comes to translation to and from foreign languages. Be it speed, timeliness or quality, there is nobody that comes close.
Premier LTD
Mrs. Anupriya

We don't have to worry or follow-up when we assign the job to EL. Their output quality is good, they are reliable, fast and cost effective.
Mr. Abhishek

Keep up the good work!
Central Bureau of Investigation

Their end-to-end service is excellent. At no point was the quality poor. All the best to Earth Lingua.
International Labour Organisation

A lot of our assignments are technical in nature and at times very complex. After trying them once, we now rely on EL’s Russian interpreters and translators for such Russian assignment.
Mrs. Sangeeta

With the constraint of space on screen, Earth Lingua was able to convey the meaning of each of the tabs accurately in multiple languages, Indian and foreign.
HCL Technologies

Translators of EL were able to maintain the meaning intact of the document when it was translated from German. It was also done quite fast. EL is a reliable agency to work with.

Technical brochures and manuals were translated from Spanish and Japanese in the promised time. The quality was also very good. We were happy to work with them.

The choice of words and emotional appeal in the voice was a big plus that Earth Lingua gave for our voiceovers in multiple Indian languages. We received a lot of appreciation for this assignment. Thank you.
Mr. Manoj

The activity was done on time and with good output quality. Pleased to have worked with the right people.
Ms. Suchi, Film & TV Supervisor

The services are completed with good support. We (Josts Engg) took the services for interpreter continuously without any struggle.
They support us well. They provide the services immediately based on our telecom request without delay.