Pricing and Payment

Pricing Policies

We bill you on the basis of Per word, either the source or the target language. We do have exclusions where it is difficult to ascertain the number of word count, when English is the source format (non- editable). When English is not involved, then the billed amount is on per source character/ word.

Rates employed

Type of text: general or specialized

Deadline: Standard or Express

Other special requirements

Primary & target languages

Primary & target formats

Number of words / total volume

The Other pricing policies are listed below, which are used for billing :

Dubbing : Per minute

Sub- titling : Per frame

Translation: Per day / per every extra hour

Voice over : Per minute

Desktop publishing ( DTP) : Per project / per page

Bulk discounts available.
Billing for Conference Translation services are presented per project, considering all the requirements & specifications.
Billing for transcription services are charged per minute.
Billing can be done in any currency of your choice, default billing is in USD.
Minimum charges apply to every order.

We also accept payments through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking & PayPal. Payment Gateway is Highly Secure & Easy to Use.