Multilingual Card Printing

This service offers typesetting, localization and all color European and Asian cards. We translate over 100 languages, which even include many isolated languages like Basque to ancient languages like Greek, Latin, Tamil etc

Our Specialization

Chinese, Korean, and Japanese are the languages that we translate with high precision. We make sure the typesetting for these languages are specially tuned to meet their highly interactive, high volume driven, complex organizations. Delivery of the right message is of the utmost importance, and we understand your needs. Our Highly trained and experienced staff has extensive "hands on" experience in this field as well. They are completely aware of the regional differences and local habits, like academic titles.

For instance, in France, UK, or US people do not use titles on their business cards, as their educational system is distinguished.

Type of Clients

Individual Clients- No matter what your budget, we ensure you that we will deliver the best quality service available in the market. You will get the best customer service.

Large corporations- For Big organizations we offer bulk discounts on office stationary, document translation, and specifically multilingual cards.