Translation Services in Gaya

Gaya gets its name from a story from sanatan dharma, when a demon (asur) called Gayasur (Gaya the demon) who was killed by Vishnu when Vishnu stepped on him which became a series of rocky hills (Vishnupad Temple which means feet of Vishnu is present there), and now Gaya is considered so holy that if you even look or touch Gaya, you will be cleansed. According to Ramayana, when Sri Rama came to Gaya along with his wife Sita for pitripaksha (or to perform pindadanam), Sita cursed the Falgu River because some folly on the part of the river, the river lost all its water and she blessed a tree is known as Akshyavat to be immortal. Akshyavat never sheds its leaves even in time of draught. Present day Gaya, is adequately connected with road, railway and air transport. Translation Services providers that aim to deliver a product with substance, which will ensure its customers that they will get nothing but the best.