Conference Equipments

The conference instrument at Earth Lingua is of high quality and international standard. You will avail the best facility and infrastructure for your conference in India and abroad as well. The sophisticated equipments available with us are conference station, heavy duty camera wall mount, s-video cable and a wide angle conversion lens. These equipments are enough advanced and up-to-date to fulfill all your conference needs.

We are providing you with conference interpretation equipments of unsurpassed quality which includes soundproof interpreters booths, digital conference/language distribution system, digital 2 to 6MHz infrared interpretation systems, digital interpreter consoles, and all related sound/audio components. Our budget priced FM interpretation systems, tabletop interpreter booths, analog interpreter consoles offer you the best service with lowest price.

No matter whether you're convening for an hour in the corner office or for a week at a major convention center, we have the conference equipment and trained audio and video engineers to make your meetings a success. With professional sound engineers on staff, a warehouse literally filled with pro-audio equipment, and office in Delhi, provides fully scalable conference support. As our equipments are available in the lowest possible price they have become popular among our entire client list which is comprised of non-profit, non-governmental, and faith-based organizations, as well as to the public sector and resellers worldwide.