Chinese Interpreters in Kolhapur

According to Sanatan Dharma history there was a demon called Kolhasur, who was later killed by Maha-lakshmi to relieve the local populace. However, due to the demon's dying wish, the city was named after him. Majority of the residents are known as Marathas with other segments of Marwadis, Maharashtrian Jains, Gujaratis, Brahmins, Lingayats and Sindhis with inflating Muslim community next to Marathas. Kolhapur generates very high per-capita income in India. Trade is cash crop dependent like sugarcane, the metal industry drawing resources from textiles and mining. Kolhpuri people are famous for having highest number of Mercedes Benz in the state of Maharashtra. Kolhapur is the center of Marathi film industry. Kolhapur is a political center with Congress as the ruling party. This ancient and prosperous state is a great location for Chinese Interpreters to make it as one of their base of services.