Chamber of Commerce Services

Commercial documents require the attestation of Chamber of Commerce. When an Indian company wishes to conduct export transactions to certain countries across the globe, then it is mandatory to obtain the attestation from the Chamber of Commerce.

Documents like commercial invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Phytosanitary (health) certificate etc are some of the documents that need the attestation of the Chamber of Commerce.

Memorandum of Articles, Power of Attorney, Board Resolutions etc are need to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce in cases where the Indian company intends to open a branch or office in a foreign country.

Before the concerned country's Embassy / Consulate could attest the commercial documents, it needs the approval of the Chamber of Commerce first followed by the approval of the MEA.

Earth Lingua has been in close contact with multiple Chambers of Commerce across states in India due to our long experience in this field. This experience close rapport allows Earth Lingua to act swiftly and proactively in such matters, thereby saving time. we are proud to say that having worked in this field for quite some time, Earth Lingua has generated a long list of organisations who have successfully conducted their business overseas basis the facilitation in securing the necessary attestation.