Apostille Services

If you intend to travel to countries that have joined The Hague Convention's Apostille section, then the MEA also asks for the Apostille certification as well along with the documents submitted for MEA's consideration. The country being visited accepts the documents to valid and authentic only upon receiving the Apostille certification. Generally speaking, MEA pastes the Apostille on the reverse side of the concerned document. Apostille is a small square shaped computer generated stamped that carries a unique numbers. This unique number is universally valid and is verifiable by the visiting country thus establishing its authenticity. The presence of Apostille stamp validates that the concerned document has been issued by the concerned MEA is valid and authentic. No further attestation is required by the concerned Embassy/Consulate is the document has been Apostilled.

Apostille stamp is considered as a legitimate practice by over 110 countries across the world who are currently a part of the Apostille convention.

Earth Lingua has a network of Apostille experts that ensure that the entire process works smoothly for you. These experts proactively help you to ensure that the entire process is handled efficiently thereby saving you time.